In defense of jaywalking

  “Here, we’d just speed up and turn our wipers on.” – Bill Hicks, on what would happen in Texas if a pedestrian tried to randomly cross the road Portland and New York City are very different places. (Film at … Read MoreRead More

Can you help make places more people-friendly?

  (200th post! Thanks everyone for your support.) I talked before about the pain of being in a place that isn’t designed for you. It might have seemed a bit heavier than the usual fare here, but then again, if we … Read MoreRead More

Greedy Lying Bastards, or how not to make a difference

  I had the pleasure of seeing Greedy Lying Bastards recently, the new documentary from local filmmaker Craig Rosebraugh about the climate change denial industry. I knew with a name like “Greedy Lying Bastards” that it wasn’t likely to be … Read MoreRead More