Why I still opt-out at airports

  (Update: I don’t need to opt-out anymore because I have NEXUS.) In response to the terror attacks of 2001, airport security came under intense scrutiny. In the US, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was formed, which was mandated to … Read MoreRead More

Why using sinking funds is a revolutionary act

  A sinking fund, as I talked about before, is a way of saving up for large expenses in advance. It’s a kind of a quaint, old-timey way of doing things, which might be why it appeals to me. A … Read MoreRead More

How disruptive innovation enables effective protest

  Last time, I talked about how protesting a single oil company wasn’t an effective way to effect change. Instead, I argued for reducing car-dependency through land use changes. This undermining of a business model is known as disruptive innovation, … Read MoreRead More