How to prepare for the next surge in gas prices

Gas prices won’t be lower for long. Here’s how to handle what happens the next time there’s a surge in gas prices. Gas prices are up. Then they’re down. Then they’re up. Then they’re down up down. At the very … Read MoreRead More

Gas station line

Why I want gas prices to rise, eventually

The price of gasoline, the fuel (literally and figuratively) of our economy, is only in the news related to a change in its price. When prices are rising, you see article after article with statistics, and commentary about what it … Read MoreRead More

Gas prices sign

Adventures in pointless frugality: Shopping for a gas station

I’ve been fascinated in one way or another by gas prices ever since I worked at a gas station in college. At first it was just the geographic variation in prices, like how I could drive across the river from … Read MoreRead More

Why I pay tolls gladly

  I’ll admit it, I used to avoid tolls. I remember on drives from Philadelphia to points south, there was a toll booth at the Delaware/Maryland border that could be avoided by getting off at the prior exit, paralleling the … Read MoreRead More

Greedy Lying Bastards, or how not to make a difference

  I had the pleasure of seeing Greedy Lying Bastards recently, the new documentary from local filmmaker Craig Rosebraugh about the climate change denial industry. I knew with a name like “Greedy Lying Bastards” that it wasn’t likely to be … Read MoreRead More