Why defunding a mismanaged system is wrong

  So whether or not you believe that transit is too expensive or should be free, the story of the group in Stockholm using collective fare dodging as a way to save money and inspire change is an interesting one. … Read MoreRead More

Should transit be free?

  It’s a drag to have to pay for public transit, right? I know the feeling. As a teenager, I could certainly have put that money to different uses. When I first went to Europe and discovered transit systems that … Read MoreRead More

Why would anyone want to take public transportation if they didn’t have to?

  A reader commented over on the discussion of the changes on Division St. in my neighborhood of Portland, OR: “Why would anyone want to take public transportation if they didn’t have to?” Now, it’s not possible to tell if this was just … Read MoreRead More

The joys of not driving to work

  At around 5PM each day, I look out the window of my office building. Across the street is a parking garage, one of those brutally functional structures whose slanted sides always brings to mind Donkey Kong. What I see … Read MoreRead More

Greedy Lying Bastards, or how not to make a difference

  I had the pleasure of seeing Greedy Lying Bastards recently, the new documentary from local filmmaker Craig Rosebraugh about the climate change denial industry. I knew with a name like “Greedy Lying Bastards” that it wasn’t likely to be … Read MoreRead More