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Where you can find me on social media (and why)

An update on my social media channels, including reasoning for why I’m on (or not on) certain sites. A few years back, I talked about what social media I was using (and, more to the point, not using). It’s a … Read MoreRead More

Unlikely Audio Episode 1: Saul of Hearts on reclaiming focus from technology

  I’m really excited about this post today, because we’re trying something different. For the first time ever, we have an audio edition of Unlikely Radical called Unlikely Audio. (As an aside, does anyone else want to find a better … Read More

My social media roundup (sort of)

  I recently switched my Twitter handle. It was @exvelleitier (read here for details on what that means), but for brand reasons, and because it’s admittedly a bit hard to spell, I decided to use the longer-but-easier @unlikelyradical. If you … Read MoreRead More