Where you can find me on social media (and why)

An update on my social media channels, including reasoning for why I’m on (or not on) certain sites.

A few years back, I talked about what social media I was using (and, more to the point, not using).

It’s a tough subject for me, because I believe in Michael Hyatt’s idea of “embassies“, and the importance of owning my own content, and not having it housed on a platform that I don’t control.

But, I want to meet you where you are.

So here is my updated social media roundup, where you can find me, and where you can’t.


Last time: No
Now: Yes

While Twitter may be responsible for the destruction of my country, as an individual, its policies aren’t particularly problematic. It doesn’t raid your personal information too heavily, or link you to everything else you’ve ever done online too strongly. In general it seems a little muddled in it search for profitability.

That’s a good thing. A well-run ship will harvest your personal information like pumpkins on Halloween.

So I continue to use Twitter.

I have changed handles though. I’m using @mikepumfree, a phonetic misspelling of my last name, mostly because @mikepumphrey was taken (and isn’t used, grrr), but also because no one can spell my last name (hint, it doesn’t begin with H, people!)

I post links to blog posts, and occasional videos, and when I have them, periodic ruminations of the 240-character variety. Follow me!


Last time: No
Now: Yes

I have joined LinkedIn!

Perhaps it’s because I trust Microsoft more than I trust most companies (they purchased LinkedIn in 2016), or perhaps because I’m not looking for a job on it, but it has felt like LinkedIn is a productive and harmless way of connecting with you.

The intel I had on how it is impossible to delete your account is now years old, and I haven’t heard anything about it in a long time. I know that if I delete my account, my information will still be in the company database, but that’s no different than any other big tech company.

I post occasional videos there, and really am looking to know what you’re up to. Let’s connect.


Last time: No
Now: Yes

I have joined Pinterest too!

I spend a fair amount of time working on the graphics for my blog posts, and think it’s a shame that they can get buried in the middle of the posts. So I use Pinterest to showcase my writing, but with the graphics up front and center. Take a look!

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Last time: No
Now: Yes

Holy cow, I have a YouTube channel.

I first posted a video about my IBE worksheet, a tool I use with my clients, and have been posting mini-updates periodically since then, especially since the release of my new money course: Take Control of Your Money Story.

I never thought I’d be posting videos, but so far I kind of like it. Won’t you, dare I say, like and subscribe?

Google Plus

Last time: No
Now: No

Google doesn’t even use Google Plus anymore. Next.


Last time: No
Now: Yes (sort of)

I launched an Instagram account when I launched the Empathic Finance brand, and planned to use it in the same way that I’m using Pinterest now.

But I ran into some snags, and ended up postponing the idea. I’m planning on revamping my account soon, so you can find me at @mikepumfree, just like on Twitter.


Last time: Didn’t exist
Now: No

I don’t know much about TikTok to be honest. Is it worth joining up? Let me know in the comments below.


Last time: No
Now: No



I admit that I continue to have conflicts about social media, mainly having to do with how we are the product (not the users) that is being sold.

But I can help you move from money anxiety to financial empowerment, and I certainly can’t help you if you don’t know I’m out there.

So while I prefer to connect with you on my own turf (in a blog or community that I run myself), I look forward to connecting with you wherever you are.

Except for on Facebook.

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