It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It matters how you feel.

We think that more money is the answer, but what we’re really seeking is a way to feel better. That’s what really matters. Everyone is selling success. You see this in people’s perfect lives on Instagram, their perfect bodies, their … Read MoreRead More

How to determine if a purchase is worth deliberating over

If you cut down on time spent making decisions on things that don’t matter, you will have more energy for the decisions that do. As you make more money, the way a certain amount of money will feel will change. … Read MoreRead More

On losing a friend

  I’ve talked before about being grateful: for your health, for your security/safety, for your freedom, but most of all for your friends and family. You may think that your most important work is your job, career, hobbies, or art, … Read MoreRead More

Do you have any room to complain?

  I once knew someone who was, by most standards, rather well-off. Maybe not wealthy in the traditional sense, but definitely doing okay for herself. And yet, there were areas of her life that she wanted to improve. She talked … Read MoreRead More