Make your bills less lumpy

There is a difference between bills and expenses. A lot of people who talk about personal finance don’t distinguish between them. They say it’s all your “outgo” or just “what you spend money on”. But a car insurance payment is … Read MoreRead More

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How companies make money from you forgetting

I recently logged in to view may checking account balance. While there, I noticed a $19.99 purchase from the site Daily Burn. I sighed. This was the second time this month that I had received a recurring charge from a … Read MoreRead More

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Keep a list of bill payment methods

So just like with expenses, there are a number of methods which can be used to pay bills. And there are pros and cons to each method. One of the issues that comes up with bill paying is that you … Read MoreRead More

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What payment method(s) to use for bills

Choosing your method of payment for things isn’t as straightforward as you might think. That’s why I created a short guide called “How to spend money“. But I was really just talking about expenses in that post. What about bills? … Read More


How I saved $600 in a year on my internet service

Ever since broadband to the home became commonplace in the 2000’s, the internet bill is one that most households can’t live without. As more and more people “cut the cord” on their cable bill, home internet service is as important … Read MoreRead More

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Have you lowered your bills recently?

This week, I managed to lower my phone bill by over 25%. It was easy, and didn’t even require a call into the (dreaded) customer service. But there’s nothing special about me and my situation, and you can do the … Read MoreRead More

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Does savings count as a bill or an expense?

I talk a lot about making plans for spending money, because you want to spend your money intentionally and not just let it happen. Moreover, the objective is not to spend as little as possible, but just the right amount … Read MoreRead More

Income, Bills, and Expenses: a glossary

  I often capitalize three specific words when talking about personal finance: Income, Bills, and Expenses. I’ve defined these ideas in different posts throughout the history of this site, but I’ve found that I haven’t actually devoted a place to … Read MoreRead More

I don’t pay bills

  …and you shouldn’t either. Here’s why: … Read More

The secret life of your money

The most important way to control your money is to first know what it’s doing. Once you know that, only then can you manage it effectively. Your money has a secret life. You may think that you don’t know this, … Read MoreRead More