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Conferences and community: FinCon 2019 and the Everything Conference

It’s really late, and I’m feeling more than a little ragged as I write this. But I’m also so jazzed and overwhelmed with gratitude. That’s because I just finished up a two-weekend, two-conference marathon. Last weekend, I was in Washington, … Read MoreRead More

I’m going to FinCon, because you are not a money nerd

Why I’m going to FinCon 2019, and the difference between money nerds and the majority of people who just want to make money work for them. I admit it, I’m a money nerd. I read money blogs, read books about … Read MoreRead More

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“How I made $200,000 and grew my audience from 50 to 50,000 in 13 months!” and other things I ignored at FinCon 2018

I’m just getting back from FinCon 2018. What a blast! Some previous posts about FinCon: Is it already FinCon 2018? A confession of unintentionality Affiliate mania, problem companies, and bling: Notes from the exhibition hall at FinCon 2017 FinCon is … Read MoreRead More

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Is it already FinCon 2018? A confession of unintentionality

I try to keep my posts here informative, educational, hopefully entertaining, and always vaguely nerdy. But this site is also a journey for me as well. I’m not sitting at the top of the mountain, throwing off wisdom to the … Read MoreRead More

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Affiliate mania, problem companies, and bling: Notes from the exhibition hall at FinCon 2017

After a while, you realize that conferences tend to have a lot of the same characteristics. They tend to have: Cavernous breakout rooms with uncomfortable chairs and a water pitcher by the door A wheeled table with coffee and tea … Read MoreRead More

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My goals for FinCon 2017

It’s hard to believe, but FinCon 2017 is already here. Wasn’t it just recently that I mentioned how I had bought a ticket for the conference? No, actually that was last December. FinCon is a gathering for those in the … Read MoreRead More

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I’m going to FinCon 2017!

If there’s anything I know a lot about, it’s that there are so many ways that we are enticed to spend money. I know how advertising works. You are shown something that makes you feel like you want/need some thing or … Read MoreRead More

Five reasons why my approach is better than Dave Ramsey

I discuss the many shortcomings of the Dave Ramsey approach to personal finance, and show better ways to help more people. I’ve mentioned Dave Ramsey numerous times over the years. I’m not here to bash Dave, at least not without … Read MoreRead More

What kind of freedom are you looking for?

A brief philosophical discourse on what financial freedom really means, and if there are other ways that we could define freedom. ‘Always with you this freedom! For your walled-up country, always to shout “Freedom! Freedom!” as if it were obvious … Read MoreRead More

Why I’m going for my AFC® certification

I started the process of becoming an Accredited Financial Counselor®, to gain more skills and for people who prefer want to work with certified professionals. Years ago, I wrote a post called, “Do you need to be certified in order … Read MoreRead More