I’m going to FinCon, because you are not a money nerd

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Why I’m going to FinCon 2019, and the difference between money nerds and the majority of people who just want to make money work for them.

I admit it, I’m a money nerd.

I read money blogs, read books about finance, and think about how people can change their relationship to money, more or less all the time.

Which is why, for the third time in a row, I’m attending the annual FinCon financial media conference, which this year is in Washington DC.

By George, all the possible puns…

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from working with my coaching clients, it’s that they mostly don’t have any interest in being a money nerd.

Which is just how it should be.

Why FinCon?

FinCon is a yearly financial media conference, open to bloggers, podcasters, journalists, financial professionals, basically anyone in an industry where money and media intersect.

I’ve written about FinCon numerous times before on Empathic Finance.

This will be my third year, and, unlike World Domination Summit which is in Portland, it’s not a cheap conference to attend. So clearly, it’s worth it for me.

I go for a number of reasons:

  • I want to promote my brand. This conference has people with pull. Getting my name and my brand out there helps with visibility in the industry.
  • I want to test out ideas. At last year’s FinCon, I started testing out my rebrand idea to Empathic Finance. I got good feedback, and was sufficiently confident about my choices that I launched my new site a few months later.
  • I want to network with others. I don’t just want to be seen, but I also want to meet other people, and see what they are doing. I want to share ideas and learn new ones. This is one of the few times of the year where I know that people are as interested in money topics as me.

And it’s that last point that’s most important here. Because, I understand that you are not nearly as interested in money topics as I am.

No nerds here

You probably don’t love dealing with money. That is okay.

You probably don’t like how much money affects every aspect of your life. That is okay.

You probably wish you could deal with money less. That is okay.

You probably don’t like how money affects your relationships. That is okay.

You probably want money to be a less loaded topic. That is okay.

All of these things are understandable. Not everyone is a spreadsheet nerd, and I accept that.

My job, here, on this blog and in my coaching business, is to help you focus on money just enough to be able to achieve your goals. And not any more.

Because you need to have some focus. Being intentional with your spending and your saving is, in my opinion, on of the most crucial behaviors in being financially balanced and successful.

But I don’t have any interest in turning you into a money nerd. That’s my job. You either are one or your not.

If you are one, and you’ve got a blog, you’re probably going to FinCon.

I mean, check out this list of attendee brands.

Look at all those nerdy money puns!

So look for the information you need here, just enough to get you going.

Okay, maybe a little more than what you need. I am a money nerd after all.

What are you looking to learn more about? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll try to address them in future posts.

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