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I announce the release of my first-ever online course, and why knowing your money story is so crucial to your building wealth.

Ever since I started blogging back in 2012 (no joke!), I’ve wanted to offer more to you.

At first, I published two posts a week, primarily on personal finance and the role it plays in our life.

I also launched a coaching practice, so I could work one-on-one with you.

And over the past year, I started embarking on more public speaking opportunities, workshops and events.

(Well, so much for that last part.)

But I’ve never offered something online for those who want to go deeper with their money situation than a blog post, but who may not be ready to work directly with me.

Until now.

Your Money Story

Introducing Take Control of Your Money Story, a course to uncover your personal money narrative and unlock your future money success.

What’s a “money story”? I’m so glad you asked.

Your money story is the full relationship you have to your money, including beliefs, history, and feelings. It’s the script you operate from on how you view and interact with money.

Every one of us has our own internal money story, but this story is often invisible, in that we are working off of it but we may not even know that we are doing it.

Becoming aware of and understanding your money story is vital to our wealth-building and well-being, because your story may not be serving you very well.

So it’s time to take control of it.

What You’ll Get

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Why money is often treated without emotion despite being connected to our deepest feelings
  • Ways of getting in touch with your thinking about money
  • What a money story is
  • Your own personal money story
  • What to do once you have uncovered your money story

This course is available right now. All purchases include lifetime access, including any future updates.

As a bonus, you can also bundle it with a personalized follow up session with me. I don’t do one-off coaching sessions anymore, so this is an exclusive option to this offer. (Also, I may rescind that bonus offer, so act quickly.)

Money Back Guarantee

I am 100% convinced that this course can change your trajectory and put you on a path toward greater earning and empowerment.

That’s why I offer a 60-day money back guarantee. If, in the first 60 days, you go through the entire course, including all worksheets and exercises, and believe that you didn’t receive value many, many times the price of the course, simply send me your fully-completed worksheet, and I’ll refund your money.

Simple as that. That’s how confident I am about this course.

See You Inside!

I’m so excited to be sharing this with you. I’ve seen what happens when people do this work. You will be able to unlock your earning potential, change your patterns, as well as gain clarity and empowerment.

This work isn’t tied to current events. It doesn’t go out of style. It won’t be outdated. This course can change your life.

Sound good? Let’s do it.

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