How to keep a journal and actually stick with it

  So let’s say that you’ve already internalized the benefits of journaling, and want to get on board. Chances are, you’ve already tried. And stopped. Like going to the gym and so many other skills out there, this is one … Read MoreRead More

Keep a journal; your future self will thank you

  I’ve been keeping a journal for more than five years. I wouldn’t say that I’ve written in it every single day, but aside from some seriously busy periods in my life (usually involving travels) I usually can average almost … Read MoreRead More

Get my new e-book: Stick It To The Man!

  I’m excited to announce that I’ve written an e-book! This manifesto-sized book is called “Stick It To The Man! A primer on how to live and thrive inside the system.” It’s full of ideas and meditations on practicing abundance, … Read MoreRead More

Where to go from here

  I always try to keep my posts focused on you, and how I can use the few things I’ve learned to help you out. I use my antics as a jumping off point, but let’s be honest, if this … Read MoreRead More

How to write 75,000 words

  On the morning of November 12, 2012, I was standing perched on the ladder of a bunk bed in a hostel in Hawaii, with my laptop sitting on the upper bed. Before I set off to do some exploring, … Read MoreRead More

Three reasons to avoid bullet points

  If you write for a living or even just as a hobby, and there’s any component of advice or help in your work, it’s important to be able to get your point across in as effective a manner as … Read MoreRead More