Fishing partners

Why can’t we talk about money with our partners?

I’ve talked about why it’s so hard to share financial struggles with your friends and peer group. But surely you can talk to a partner right? This is a person with which you want to travel through life. And yet, this … Read MoreRead More

Old car in field

Why can’t we talk about money with our friends?

Do you have someone you can talk about money with? Notice that before you can answer that question, we actually need to specify what kind of conversation we’re having. “Talking about money” can mean not only the nuts and bolts … Read MoreRead More

Shame, or why you don’t do what you know you must

  If you’ve spent any time with this site—or even if you haven’t—I want to ask you a small favor. I’d like you to trust me enough that you won’t skip this post. It’s pretty short. You can skip the … Read MoreRead More