Why a new fee on mortgage refinancing shouldn’t affect you

Refinancing a mortgage is getting pricier due to the Adverse Market Refinance Fee, but refinancing doesn’t offer the benefits you think. There’s a new fee in town. The Federal Housing Finance Agency has instituted a 0.5% fee on refinancing of … Read MoreRead More

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Four ill-advised reasons to refinance your mortgage

So there are definitely some reasons where refinancing a mortgage could be a good move. Rates too high? Terms no good? Not going to be moving for a while? It could make a lot of sense, and save you money. … Read MoreRead More

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Is it time for me to refinance? My mortgage origination company thinks so

I closed on my home almost two years ago. And while I made the terms a little longer than I needed to, my plan currently is to pay it off as if it were a 15 year mortgage. As I’ve … Read MoreRead More

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What’s a mortgage refinance?

You might think that the life cycle of owning a home is that you buy something, get a mortgage, pay off mortgage, and then live happily ever after. But this omits the fun world of mortgage refinance. Because it was … Read MoreRead More