7 things I’m grateful for toward the end of 2020

A brief pause at Thanksgiving to talk about some things I can be grateful for in the closing weeks of 2020. 2020 hasn’t been great. Between the pandemic and the U.S.’s abominable response (not just the government, but also the … Read MoreRead More

Eviction in the pandemic: Owning versus renting

There is a big difference in how quickly eviction can occur for renters versus owners when dealing with non-payment of rent or mortgage. The to-rent-versus-to-own issue when it comes to housing is a tough one. And that’s assuming you have … Read MoreRead More

If you’re thinking about taking an early withdrawal from your 401(k)

New legislation eliminates penalties for some early withdrawals from your 401(k). However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. UPDATE: This legislation has expired as of the end of 2020. Penalties will apply again for early 401k withdrawals. These … Read MoreRead More