Coinstar is for wimps. Count your own change.

Okay cadets, get in formation! We’ve got work to do. Fallllll in! Graaaaaab rolls! Coooooount coins! Sorry, I was just having fun for a change. (Sorry about that too.) … Read More

When your life changes, change your emergency fund

  An emergency fund is a vital tool, not just in your financial situation, but also for your sense of emotional grounding. But no kidding. I like to joke that a fully-funded emergency fund is like anti-anxiety medication, but without … Read MoreRead More

How to handle the post-vacation blues

  I’ve returned from Hawaii, the land of sunshine, to a land of gray skies and mid-afternoon sunsets. Coming home from a vacation or a long trip can often trigger an intense negative emotional crash.  This “post-vacation blues” is real, … Read MoreRead More