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How I tried to buy something totally anonymously online

My experiences with trying to buy something online without revealing anything about my identity, and why this is so difficult. (I talk about using products or services, but I received no commission for this. I do not do affiliate marketing. … Read MoreRead More

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Why it’s so hard to buy online and maintain any privacy

In a perfect world, no one would have any right to know what I buy, where I go, and what I do unless I gave them that access. This seems rather quaint now. Today, everything you do is scrutinized, advertised, … Read MoreRead More

Blurry people

Even if I wanted a smartphone, how would I use it?

Smartphones aren’t evil, but for me, the cons far outweigh the pros. I don’t need a map to get around, I don’t need email everywhere I am, and apps don’t seem like they would qualitatively add to my life. For … Read MoreRead More

3 reasons to get a post office box

  I visited Portland for the summer before I moved there. While I was there, I signed up for a post office (PO) box for getting mail. My thinking was that it would be nice (and possibly advantageous) to jumpstart … Read MoreRead More

How not to be seen (when online)

  There’s been a lot of talk about spying recently in the news. These accusations (most of which, as far as I can tell, are not unfounded) bring a related reminder that what we do online is all-too-easily able to … Read MoreRead More