Drumstick tips

Uber now allows tips: What’s 20% of $0?

The news was electrifying: Uber, the sharecropping system of the transportation industry, was finally allowing passengers to tip their drivers. Amazingly, this wasn’t a thing before now. There was no option to tip a driver, except if you were to … Read MoreRead More

Barbed wire

Why there is almost nothing redeeming about Uber

So okay, maybe I don’t hate taxis so much anymore. I get their place in our society. When your time is worth more than your money, a taxi can make sense. But while I’ve softened my stance on taxis (even … Read MoreRead More

In (surprising) defense of taxis

I’m writing this the night before I take off on a short trip, my first of the new year. The flight leaves at 7AM. I have Pre-Check (because of NEXUS) so I don’t need to get there all that much … Read MoreRead More