Barbed wire

Why there is almost nothing redeeming about Uber

So okay, maybe I don’t hate taxis so much anymore. I get their place in our society. When your time is worth more than your money, a taxi can make sense. But while I’ve softened my stance on taxis (even … Read MoreRead More

Do we all need to work?

  I believe that we are entering an unprecedented situation in America (if not the world), where the link between the existence of workers and the need to do work no longer correlates. We are seeing the ramifications of this … Read MoreRead More

What to do about employee expenses

  I currently have a “day job”, as my own projects, such as my integrative financial coaching service, aren’t self-sustaining (yet). As part of this day job, I’m sometimes asked to travel. It’s always on the company dime, but nevertheless, it’s … Read MoreRead More

What do people really mean by location independence?

  A few years ago, I performed a feat of employee jiu jitsu: I was able to convince my boss to let me start working from across the country. Like many people, I first heard about the idea of “location … Read MoreRead More

Your fear is someone’s security (and vice versa)

  I was engaged in a conversation about guns. On one side, the need for owning guns to protect oneself and one’s family seemed unassailable. On the other side, horror. On one side, the importance of safe, responsible gun ownership, … Read MoreRead More