Why do we build wealth?

It’s hard to build wealth, which is why it’s so important to understand and know for yourself exactly why you’re doing it. … Read More

The problems with charity

  Ultimately, I think the system of charity, which is hard enough to engage in as it is, is all wrong. The system as it stands right now is: those who have more choose to give to those who have … Read MoreRead More

Why giving to charity is hard

  You are fortunate. If you are reading this—and I am profiling you now—chances are that you have all of your basics covered (food, shelter, clothing, transportation). You may not be wealthy or buying your own island or anything, but … Read MoreRead More

The lesson I learned from the pre-flight safety announcement

  After a lot of flying, many of the things we endure (security screening, etc) we tend to look at in different ways, the way that saying a word over and over slowly rotates the word in your head until … Read MoreRead More