David Foster Wallace

Old Voting Machine

What David Foster Wallace taught me about voting

Tomorrow is Election Day in the U.S. This site was launched a few days after the previous presidential election in 2012, so this is the first presidential election under this site’s watch! I know that elections happen all the time … Read MoreRead More

On responding to “withering” cultural pressure

  Our parents got peer pressure all wrong. The apocryphal “dealer on the playground” never existed, at least not in my experience. No one ever said “it’ll make you feel good” to me, and I never heard anyone I knew … Read MoreRead More

How irony is the enemy of a risk-filled life

  Much has been written about the hipster in popular culture. Most of it has been done to death, so I won’t go on about it much, but I’ve been inadvertently on the front lines of hipsterdom for many years … Read MoreRead More