Jumper cables

How I handled my most recent impulse purchase

Once every six months or so, I drain my car’s battery. This isn’t an intentional thing, mind you. It’s just that I leave my car’s internal dome light on, and then go about my day, sometimes a few days, before … Read MoreRead More

Unlikely Hypocrite? Costco versus Amazon Prime

  I’ve got retail on the brain these days. Recently I talked about the new Starbucks Rewards program, and then more recently I talked about Amazon Prime. And now it’s on to Costco. Why Costco? Because as I was reviewing … Read MoreRead More

How to shop for a rental car

  I’m in the middle of a 10-day car rental right now. Total price was a little over $300, including taxes. And this was from a major national chain too. Took me awhile, but I found a good deal. I’ve … Read MoreRead More