Welcome, Unlikely Radicals!

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Notice anything different around here? 😁

After six years and over 600 blog posts, Unlikely Radical has been renamed, rebranded, and renewed.

Unlikely Radical is now Empathic Finance.

In this post, I’d like to tell you why I did this, and why I’m so excited about the future.

Why rebrand?

The idea for the rebranding is not new. The idea has been running around in my head since at least 2016, if not before. I know the site hasn’t had a major facelift in its entire life, and while I don’t actually love the way that websites have become so stark and just plain austere in recent years, I also know that to not update your website is to also be relegated to a life purgatory in the search rankings. Alas.

The site as it appeared all the way back in 2018

To that end, I actually hired a designer, and spent months working on the project, not just on a rebranding but on a new name. And while that project never actually finalized, a lot of good work came from it.

What’s in a name?

I came up with the name “Unlikely Radical” as a way to encapsulate people who are the “quiet revolutionaries”, those who people wouldn’t expect to make big changes. And I sought to reclaim the word “radical”; you didn’t need to throw bombs or spend your time at protests. You just needed to do the work.

I also saw Unlikely Radical as an overarching brand, one that could spawn other brands, all fledgling companies in their own right. But for various reasons, that never really happened, and Unlikely Radical became the single vehicle for everything that felt important to write about.

Meanwhile, over the years, I found myself coming back again and again to the topic of money, how it affects every aspect of our lives, and how taking control of it is such a powerful, life-changing action. I consistently had more to say about that than anything else.

And at the same time, it wasn’t just a money blog. There are plenty of those. There is a whole conference devoted to those. Learning the mechanics of what we need to do is important, but it’s not the only thing. Understanding the feelings behind money, the deeper motivations, that’s always felt like the most important work. From my coaching experience, I’ve learned that if you don’t strive to look inward and learn about yourself, nothing will change.

And so, I bring you Empathic Finance. Emotions and money, the two things that often seem like they are so separate, and yet are totally intertwined. It seemed a fitting title to what has been so much of my work.

More changes

But the changes aren’t limited to a new name and a new look (though it’s pretty nice, isn’t it?).

After six years of posting every Monday and Thursday—and I mean every Monday and Thursday—I will be moving to a once a week schedule.

This is a big deal for me. I mean it when I’ve said that I never missed a post deadline. My posting schedule has been the living embodiment of Seinfeld’s don’t-break-the-chain adage since this site launched, and I don’t make a change to it lightly.

But the truth is that there are other projects I’m working on right now that are going to take some serious time, and as I can’t invent extra hours in the day (believe me, I tried), my posting schedule is going to have to change.

My focus and dedication to the site won’t change though. And neither will my coaching practice. I am just as dedicated, I just won’t be posting as often.

(And I can’t wait to tell you more about that other project, but there’s only so much news one can fit in a post. Stay tuned.)

Please take a look around, and let me know if something is broken or just looks off to you. I’m sure it’ll take some time to work out the kinks of a new site.

Let’s hear it for making changes in the new year! I hope you’re thinking about doing the same. And thanks for sticking with me all this time.

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