Do you need a money reset?

I discuss what it means to have a money reset, and introduce my new mini-course on how to start over with money.

It’s common in discussions of mental health to talk about a “reset”.

One area for resets is in interpersonal relationships. I’ve been hearing a lot about the “couple’s reset”, most recently in a New York Times article discussing how partners can navigate the potentially-tricky return to pre-pandemic activities.

But people can need a reset in many different contexts. A career reset comes to mind. So does a lifestyle reset.

But I’m here to say that you could also probably use a money reset right now.

In this post, I’m going to describe what a money reset is, how you can benefit from one, and how you can get one for free.

What is a money reset?

A money reset is a mental re-framing where you approach money from a new perspective, discarding old notions and beliefs.

It’s a chance for you to start over with money and develop all the better money habits you never learned the first time around.

Why do you need a money reset?

Over the years, you’ve built up many beliefs about money, specifically in the form of your money story. In addition, you’ve also built up habits surrounding these beliefs.

Money habits are things you don’t even really think about. Take for example, your experience at a store. When you go to pay for something, how do you do it? Do you pull out your debit card? Credit card? Cash? Do you just hold your phone up to the machine and hope? 🤔

Something as simple as “how to spend money” is a decision, or collection of decisions, that you’ve made at some point in the past. Is that still the right set of decisions for you? How would you even know?

That’s the point of a money reset.

Also, take debt. Perhaps you have beliefs around what is “good” debt and what is “bad” debt. Are you sure that those beliefs are still true, and are they working for you? Could another belief be true and more beneficial to your situation?

While we’re at it, take the idea that you’re “bad with money“, a belief that many people hold. Where did this judgment come from? Do you know it to be true? Who decides this?

A money reset is a mindset shift, an opportunity to look at money and money behavior as if for the first time, to rebuild those behaviors for the you of today, not the you of yesterday.

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By doing this, you can discard unhelpful beliefs and habits, replacing them with ones that can work better for you.

With a money reset, not only will you build more confidence in yourself, it can lead to better money management, which means having more money.

Sound good? I thought so.

Don’t try this alone

Okay, so you’re on board with the money reset. Should you just sit there and say, “okay brain, let’s start over”?

Of course not. That wouldn’t work for anyone.

In order to be successful with a money reset, you need to work through it in a facilitated way.

That’s why I’ve created a mini-course called Your 5 Day Money Reset.

Your 5 Day Money Reset

Your 5 Day Money Reset is a collection of lessons, given over a (you guessed it) 5-day period.

I will help you break the automatic thought processes you have around money, allowing you to build new, more intentional money habits.

This is not the first course I’ve built. My previous course, Take Control of Your Money Story, is available for sale right now.

But this one isn’t for sale.

Because I’m offering it to you for FREE.

All you need to do to get started with Your 5 Day Money Reset is to sign up in the form below.

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You’ll get an email right away with next steps.

For best results

I want you to approach this mini-course as if money is a new topic to you.

Now, I know that’s not actually true, but going in with the intentional mindset of “this is new and different”, you will be training your brain to be more open-minded and receptive.

And that will help you succeed.

I know there’s no substitute for personalized, one-on-one money coaching, but not everyone is in that place right now, and that’s okay. I’d even prefer you start with this mini-course, just to see how receptive and open you are to working on your money behavioral health.

I want you to get out of your own way, so that you can thrive and succeed with money. And I believe a money reset can help you get there more effectively.

Sign up and see. It is free, after all.

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