Here are some better ways to spend $600 than on hard drive recovery

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I spent roughly $600 to recover personal files from a dead hard drive.

Now, $600 is a lot of money. It was half of the price of my first car when I bought it. It was more than what my total spending money was per month in my early years in New York City. When I saved about that much in phone service per year, I wrote a post about it. These days, it’s about how much mortgage interest I pay each month.

Now, I also recognize that I could have spent much more than $600 on the repair. If I had had more urgency about the recovery, I wouldn’t have had the time to price compare, and would have had to pay rush fees on top of that.

But I also could have spent less, much less.

In fact, I think it’s interesting to think about just what one could have spent that $600 on. See if you can spot a pattern.

What you could buy for $600

That last one is interesting, because it effectively means that, depending on your age and on your amount of data, with $600 you potentially could back up your data for the rest of your life.

Or, alternatively, you could pay $600 to a hard drive recovery service, once, if you didn’t back up at all. I guess it’s your choice.


Note: I’m not advocating any of these services specifically, and I make no money on any of these products and services should you choose to use them.

If you have suggestions of your own for online backup (or, anything you could spend $600 on), please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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