93 ways to use your money to support access to abortion and reproductive rights

Click any link in this article to help women exercise their reproductive rights (and get abortions if that is their choice).

Money is political. I’ve said this so many times. To abstain from political thought or discourse is an inherently privileged position.

I’m not going to go into the devastation that I feel at what’s happened in my country this past week. The idea that the state can just take bodily autonomy away from more than one half of the populace, while at the same time crowing about the need to curtail “government overreach”, is the height of self-serving hypocrisy.

This is about control. This is about preserving the patriarchy. And this is about hatred, and, probably, revenge.

This is #MeToo for white men.

But it’s not very interesting to sit and howl at the sheer injustice of it all. I’m way more interested in action, in doing something productive.

And since I believe it’s our job, not merely to build our own financial wellness, but also to spread it to as many people as possible, how can we do that? One way is to use our money in the service of others who need it.

And it should be noted that a more just equitable nation and world is actually better for more people, not just an oligarchical few.

Did you know? Abortion restrictions at the state level cost the economy $105 billion a year.

So supporting women’s (and all child-bearing people’s) rights is not only the only humane and decent way to exist, but it also positively affects your wallet too. (If you needed that extra boost to get onboard, I don’t care, as long as you’re on board.)

So here are 93 ways you can use your money to help get access to reproductive care in general, and specifically, if they want to, to have abortions.

Donate to local abortion funds

National organizations are great, but supporting local funds will more effectively help the people who most need care.

The next few dozen links are from the National Network of Abortion Funds. Feel free to search the text on the page to find the state near (or dear) to you.

Donate to Indigenous Women Rising

Donate to The Brigid Alliance

Donate to Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP)

Donate to the Alabama Cohosh Collaborative

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Donate to the Yellowhammer Fund (Alabama)

Donate to Northwest Abortion Access Fund

Donate to Abortion Fund of Arizona

Donate to Tucson Abortion Support Collective

Donate to Arkansas Abortion Support Network

Donate to Access Reproductive Justice (California)

Donate to Women’s Health Specialists – Women in Need Fund (California)

Donate to Cobalt Fund (Colorado)

Donate to Colorado Doula Project

Donate to Reproductive Equality Fund of the Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center

Donate to Broward Women’s Emergency Fund

Donate to Florida Access Network

Donate to Tampa Bay Abortion Fund

Donate to Women’s Emergency Network (Florida)

Donate to All-Options Hoosier Abortion Fund (Indiana)

Donate to Chicago Abortion Fund

Donate to deProsse Access Fund of the Emma Goldman Clinic (Iowa)

Donate to Kansas Abortion Fund

Donate to A Fund, Inc. (Kentucky)

Donate to Kentucky Health Justice Network

Donate to The Goldstein Fund (Louisiana)

Donate to New Orleans Abortion Fund

Donate to Safe Abortions For Everyone (SAFE) Maine

Donate to Baltimore Abortion Fund

Donate to Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts

Donate to Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund

Donate to Jane Fund of Central Massachusetts

Donate to Reclaim MI WIN Fund

Donate to HOTDISH Militia (Hand Over The Decision It’s Healthcare)

Donate to Our Justice’s Abortion Assistance Fund (Minnesota)

Donate to Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund

Donate to Missouri Abortion Fund

Donate to Right By You (Missouri)

Donate to Susan Wicklund Fund (Montana)

Donate to Nebraska Abortion Resources (NEAR)

Donate to Silver State Hope Fund

Donate to Wild West Access Fund (Nevada)

Donate to Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire

Donate to New Jersey Abortion Access Fund

Donate to Mariposa Fund (New Mexico)

Donate to New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Donate to New York Abortion Access Fund

Donate to North Dakota Women in Need Abortion Access Fund

Donate to Preterm Access Fund (Ohio)

Donate to The Agnes Reynolds Jackson Fund (Ohio)

Donate to Women Have Options – Ohio

Donate to Roe Fund (Oklahoma)

Donate to Cascades Abortion Support Collective (Oregon)

Donate to Northwest Abortion Access Fund

Donate to Abortion Liberation Fund of PA

Donate to Western Pennsylvania Fund for Choice

Donate to JEN (Justice through Empowerment Network) (South Dakota)

Donate to Abortion Care for Tennessee

Donate to CHOICES Patient Assistance Fund (Tennessee)

Donate to Mountain Access Brigade (Tennessee)

Donate to Clinic Access Support Network (Texas)

Donate to Frontera Fund (Texas)

Donate to Fund Texas Choice (Texas)

Donate to Jane’s Due Process (Texas)

Donate to Lilith Fund (Texas)

Donate to SYS (Support Your Sistah) (Texas)

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Donate to Texas Equal Access Fund (Texas)

Donate to The Bridge Collective (Texas)

Donate to Utah Abortion Fund

Donate to Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom

Donate to Blue Ridge Abortion Fund (Virginia)

Donate to Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project (Virginia)

Donate to Women In Need Fund of Cedar River Clinics (Washington)

Donate to Holler Health Justice (West Virginia)

Donate to Women’s Health Center of West Virginia Choice Fund

Donate to Freedom Fund (Wisconsin)

Donate to Options Fund (Wisconsin)

Donate to Women’s Medical Fund (Wisconsin)

Donate to Chelsea’s Fund (Wyoming)

Donate to the ACLU

Donate to Planned Parenthood

Support the National Abortion Federation

Fund an online abortion for someone who can’t afford it

Beyond donation links

Here are some more articles in the form of “what you can do now”. My suggestion is to open these in new tabs and read them over time.

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How to support abortion access in a post-Roe America

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What to Know About Abortion Funds and How They Help Patients Get Care

How to help abortion funds and reproductive justice networks

Mad About Roe? Here’s What to Do Now.

Support these companies that offer abortion related benefits

How US Companies Are Supporting Workers on Abortion

Tell people about this service that offers abortion pills by mail

How to decide where to donate

If you’re a little overwhelmed, you should be. There are tens of millions of adults of child-bearing age who need reproductive care. That amounts to a staggering amount of money on our already broken healthcare system.

So I would find a place close to you (or dear to you) that doesn’t value women’s bodies, and then donate to funds in those areas.

For example, while I live in Oregon, which has enshrined the right to abortion in our law books, Idaho, our neighbor to the east, is trying hard to make The Handmaid’s Tale into a documentary. So that’s where I want to donate my funds.

But something is better than nothing. Click a random link if need be.

Feel your grief, then take action

I’m not saying grief isn’t important. It is. Have your grief. Feel it intensely.

And then get up and do something. Our country just got a lot more bleak, and we need to fight back against the bleakness.

Note: I’ve tried to be as comprehensive as I can with these links. If you see one I missed, or if one of these links is inappropriate, please let me know.

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